Coming Global Turn

On this page we monthly review the newspaper excerpts we have collected with a view of political development in the post-western world. The assumption is that drastic changes will happen sooner or later during the 21st century. Second, the content of our main page ( is a pointer for a justice driven development. Faith and the  nuclear family are the key components of peaceful change. Not only is this proven during the millennia long search for freedom but faith today is vibrant among humans. Third, changes will happen on a country basis. Changes happen from within. Fourth, comparison between countries is a useful exercise for achieving SDG16.

Update September 2020

The main narrative developing in global politics, also this month, is the China / USA struggle. China does not want to be dependent on a U.S. led so-called Rules Based International System, while internally depending on a party led state that ridicules public discussion. We see a surge in articles to address this situation of uncertainty.

Regionally the Mediterranean area remains a hot spot, claimed to be another energy based struggle. Turkey is playing centre stage, even broader than energy interests. For instance in the long standing Israel/Palestine conflict.

The Covid crisis has a governance aspect and countries are struggling to tally medical, economic and political realities. African nations are noted as doing well to contain the path of the virus. Globally fighting the pandemic is proving a test for personal and societal freedom.

When it comes to people’s influence on governance Belarus is adding another example of rulers who don’t listen to their people. Worldwide we see that whether the ruler leaves or not, the leading social structure, often dominating army and economy, does hold to power. Here too, Africa is giving a brighter picture (Sudan, Ethiopia) than other regions.

On churches, we see some Vatican struggles. Korea is one of the countries where some churches protest government Covid measures.