Editorial notes on country sovereignty news clips in international media

Editorial notes on newspaper article abstracts sent to subscribers every monday

  1. Everything is collected and abstracted with the main webpage on sdg16 in mind.
  2. We consider the world as an interconnected unity, where UN member states and their internationally recognized borders in their diversity are responsible for their own self unfolding. The relationship of citizens and government is the engine of nation building, be it symbiotic or parasitical. Foreign influence follows from the interconnectiveness but past and present show it is often unhelpful.
  3. In the context defined in point 1 and 2 the continent of Africa renders the best promise of future leadership.
  4. We limit ourselves to the international newspapers/media most frequented by leading politicians: Financial Times (FT), The Times (TT), New York Times (NYT) and Al JAzeera (AJ). News, editorials, op-ed’s and readers letters are mixed.
  5. The focus on newspapers is to minimize the negative effect of interest framing, an ever present risk in modern political information. For various reasons governments, international bodies and think tanks are more prone to misinformation than newspapers.
  6. In principle we include all articles on Africa in the Financial Times and articles that show heavy influence of religion.
  7. A mail service of abstracts is maintained for interested readers and distributed in principle every monday.
  8. The article abstracts end up in an annual report to be found on the website.

The intention is to continue the newspaper clippings as a record of evolving history.

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